Terms of Service - Raccoon ZNC

We (the Raccoon ZNC team) run a Zouncer service named Racccon ZNC ("RcZNC"), which is a free service and encrypted with SSL certificates legally issued.

Terms of Service.

The following terms and conditions are valid and binding for all services offered together as a Raccoon ZNC, whether the account in the Zouncer or the use of the channel management bot (“Raccoon”, “RcBackup", "RcChanServ", "RcSpamServ", "RcWolf", "RcZNC"). The service requires reading and acceptance without modification of all terms and conditions named hereafter, as well as all rules and policies (including the Network Rules, published by OnlineGamesNet ).

Please read these conditions carefully before accessing or using our service. By accessing or using our service you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this document. In case you do not agree with all the terms and conditions of this document, you will not have access to our set of services.

Because the minimum age for games provided by Gameforge Productions GmbH is not directed at children under 13, if it is, you will not have access to any of our services and if you enter by deception will be suspended access by Within 2 weeks to appeal the suspension. In the event that there is no appeal, the account will be permanently deleted and it will be recorded that the username that was provided is from a user who does not meet the minimum age requirement.

  1. Your account at Raccoon ZNC, If you get an account with us, you will be responsible for maintaining the security of the account, first, with a good password ("8 to 12 characters minimum"). In addition, you will be entirely responsible for all acts performed with that account.
  2. Use of services. Only one account per user of the OnlineGamesNet network will be allowed . This also implies an account in Raccoon in case of request of administration of a personal channel in the network.
  3. Sensitive information. Raccoon ZNC Team can only use the public data of the users, these are the username of the same to be able to create his account in our service as well as the geo referential data for the automation of the information of the website of Raccoon ZNC, That is, it will only be used to determine the language in which you will see the site information.

Intellectual Property, This document does not imply transfer between Raccoon ZNC and the user (ie you) of any intellectual or physical property of Raccoon ZNC and, therefore, all rights, titles or interests relating to the project will remain (as between the parties) exclusively with Raccoon ZNC.

Your use of the service does not give you the right or license to reproduce or otherwise use the service names with third parties.

Changes , We are always updating and improving our services, which means that, at certain times, we must change our legal conditions and the terms of service that we offer. If we make physical changes, you will be notified in advance, through a message on the main site, the Raccoon ZNC channel or the Service Status page for possible service interruption, indicating dates and times to make such change. In case it is a change in the operation of the service and you do not agree, you must notify a member of the Team, for the suspension of your account for the predetermined periods until a later deletion.

Suspension and cancellation. Raccoon ZNC has the power that in case of complaints by OnlineGamesNet to the user, the account of our services will be suspended for a maximum term of 14 days for appeal. In the event that there is no response from the user, the account will be permanently deleted from the service and placed in Black List (Users who can not request another account). In addition, the Raccoon ZNC team has the ability to remove all traces of accounts that have an inactivity greater than 30 days, without any warning or warning.

Limitation of liability. Raccoon ZNC will not be responsible for any misuse by the user. This does NOT mean immunity and impunity before the Raccoon ZNC and OGN standards in case a user misuses the service, this additionally includes:

  • Any special, incidental or derivative damages or damages to users within the OnlineGamesNet network.
  • Try to use the ZNC to evade a ban or bots.

Modifications. Raccoon ZNC may change the Terms and Conditions of use at any time without notice. By using this service you will understand that you agree to the terms presented in this document.

Exceptions. The Raccoon ZNC team has the power to deny any request to obtain a Zouncer from a user who has broken the rules of both OGN and Raccoon ZNC, as well as in the event that a second account is requested with us.

Depending on the country of origin of the user, the Raccoon ZNC team has the power to request information of the type NOT Sensitive, to verify the identity of a user in specific cases such as forgetting the account key.

Due to the fact that the Raccoon ZNC does not save any type of log, except for the administrative movements of the system, any attempt to request this type of data will be denied.

Sensitive information. The Raccoon ZNC team will only be limited to the use of the non-sensitive information you have shared (Nick, IP address, ranks, equipment, channels, etc.) Except in the case that it is with your own consent (Request a document accrediting consent ), As well as by mandate by superior entity, and / or judicial order be this by Gameforge Productions GmbH, OnlineGamesNet or the country in the country.

The use of Raccoon ZNC, whether with a Zouncer account or also the use of RaccoonBot implies the acceptance of these Terms of Service.