Privacy Terms - Raccoon ZNC

Your privacy is very important to us, that is why Raccoon ZNC, in this document, will inform you about all the information we could collect from you, while you use our services, it is worth emphasizing that in the case of sensitive or commonly Called "private information", will only be collected in case it is absolutely necessary, for example, for legal matters in which you are suspect or guilty. Accordingly, we have developed this privacy policy so that you understand how we collect, use, communicate, or use the complete information about you.

Personal / sensitive information. All personal information collected about you will be only by legal means and if not by court order, either from Germany, the country where you reside, or by OnlineGamesNet, it will be only with your consent. In order to corroborate this consent, you will be asked to sign a document accrediting what has been described.

The retention of this information will only be for as long as is necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes indicated above.

Public / non-sensitive information. The Raccoon ZNC team will only be limited to the use of non-sensitive information that you have shared (Nick, IP address, ranks, team, channels, etc.).

This information will only be used for navigation statistics, preferred language in the Raccoon ZNC site, server in which your account will be created for convenience in the connection and / or level of security that your account must have in case you belong to Some team at GameForge Productions GmbH.
\012Your username will be used by your Zouncer account and at the same time by RaccoonBot in case you also use our channel Bot service.

The Raccoon ZNC team is committed to protecting your confidentiality, keeping it safe and secure.

Raccoon ZNC may change this privacy policy without prior notice.