Raccoon ZNC | By TRKS-CL

Raccoon Zouncer info page

Getting Started

Hi and welcome to the Raccoon ZNC info website. This is a BNC project, which is currently available for OnlineGamesNet networks (OGN) and MagNET IRC, with multi-language support, be it English, Spanish, German and Portuguese.

This project is currently authorized and working. If you need an account for our ZNC, please follow these steps:

  1. You need an account in OGN or in MagNET.
  2. Join the Raccoon ZNC channel by writing /join #raccoon into the command line of your IRC client.
  3. Let us know what you need. (This is valid for ticket support as well).

What we offer at the moment.

  • You can only have one ZNC per account in the IRC Network.
  • The service is only for OGN and MagNET, no others.
  • A modified awaynick module ready for use it.
  • If you want a account for 2 irc servers we can offer you one with a little price.
  • In the case of you enter to the IRC channel and ''support status'' says Offline, you can send us a ticket from here.
  • You can request additional functions in the #raccoon channel by writing to our supp