From today, this project is under military control... well not at all, I mean, this project isn't in military control from today... and not, the project will not be on a military control today and never, is only a reference from Half-Life.

Hello everyone! We are having changes here, and we will explain it here. First of all the changes. From January this project was adhered to TorksRevol Projects, this mean, we will maintain the same servers so, your data will not be deleted.

So what we will change? well.. the actual domains for connect will change to '' the ports are the same. If someone have problems with the SSL ports, please change the Server Address now.

The website languages will change to only English and Spanish, and support will change to only English, Spanish and German. The team will have changes too but that will change later.

Everyone who have an account with us, will have an account in Support system (with same email in case of) and in our Mattermost too with the same username/password from IRC.

This advice will be updated soon... (03/Aug) We need to start modify everything.

Ahh yes, and don't worry about the privacy, will be the same as before. One of the owners of the Raccoon Project is the same of TorksRevol Project. And the co-owner of RcZNC will not get out of here.

The Administration.

Have a nice day!

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